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Being an Ally

Here in the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity, we believe that allyship is an adjective and a verb. To be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, there should be some action involved. This could come in the form of attending educational workshops, volunteering through the VolunQueers program, or continuing to stay abreast of issues affecting the community. 

The Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity offers three types of workshops throughout the year for faculty, staff and students:

1. Safe Zone: LGBTQ+ 101 Ally Workshop

2. Transgender 101 Ally Workshop

3. Facilitator Workshop

Individuals and groups can register for each workshop from this page. See below for more details.

Safe Zone: LGBTQ+ 101 Ally Workshop

During this two-hour training, designed for all Tulane students, staff, and faculty, participants will gain introductory knowledge about how they can be an effective ally to LGBTQ+-identified individuals and those questioning their sexuality.  Once familiar with the various LGBTQ+ resources available on campus, you will be given an Ally sticker to place in your office or dorm so that students, faculty and staff know that you are part of a campus-wide network that supports LGBTQ+-identified individuals. All workshops are free.

Fall 2017 Workshops: Wednesday, October 4, 3-5pm (LBC 202) and Tuesday, December 12, 3-5pm (LBC 210)

Transgender 101 Ally Workshop

This 2-hour workshop for faculty, students, and staff answers some of the most common questions about transgender issues. Participants will gain introductory knowledge about how they can be an effective ally to transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and genderqueer-identified individuals, as well as those, those developing or questioning their gender identity. Sponsored by the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD). All workshops are free.

Fall 2017 Workshops: Wednesday, September 13, 4-6pm (LBC 201) and Thursday, October 26, 3-5pm (LBC 210)

Facilitator Trainings

Have you already gone through Safe Zone Workshop? Would you like to help us make these workshops available throughout the year? This is a two-hour training designed for Tulane graduate students, staff and faculty who have already gone through the Safe Zone Workshop and are seeking to become facilitator. During this training participants will learn how to lead Safe Zone Workshops. As a facilitator you will be asked to co-facilitate 3 trainings over the academic year--one before the fall semester begins and at least one during the fall and spring semesters.

To sign up for a facilitator training, please email

LOCATION: All workshops are held in the Lavin-Bernick Center (LBC), which is located on the uptown campus. If the exact room is not listed above, please check the information desk or kiosks throughout the building for the location on the date that you are attending. Contact with any concerns or questions