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Programs & Events

Multicultural/LGBTQ+ Orientation

This orientation, offered to students as well as their guardians and parents, introduces students to multicultural/LGBTQ+ life at the university. Hosted by the O (Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Religious Life). 

Ambassador Peer Mentoring Program

Open to all students, this program provides students opportunities to learn from upperclassman mentors who serve as resource guides, advisors, and referral agents. Although each mentoring relationship is different, there are a variety of activities sponsored for mentors and mentees. Some eat lunch together, some attend football games or performances, and others go on cultural trips together. Mentors refer mentees to campus resources when they cannot help in a situation. The program also offers numerous programs throughout the year such as mentoring/study groups/sessions, cultural awareness programs, celebration of seasons/traditions, and end of the year social and recognition activities. if you would like a mentor or a mentee, contact Hosted by the O (Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Religious Life). 

Coffee Chats

Want to get involved or learn more about gender and sexuality events, resources, and student organizations on campus? Want to get involved, make a connection with the OGSD staff, troubleshoot a problem, learn about the diverse community on campus, or just have a chat? To chat over coffee with a member of the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity Team (professional or student staff), sign up for a private, one-on-one chat HERE.

The O Multicultural/LGBTQ+ Leadership Retreat in Biloxi, Mississippi

This annual retreat in Biloxi, Mississippi brings together incoming students and student leaders from a diverse array of organizations to build relationships across cultural differences and form a purposeful and sustainable leadership community. Through interactive activities, students, faculty, and staff explore cultural identity, share experiences, and openly and honestly discuss the meaning of leadership within the context of a diverse and stratified society. For more information, contact

LGBTQ+ Ally Workshop

During this two-hour workshop, designed for all Tulane students, staff, and faculty, participants will gain introductory knowledge about how they can be an effective ally to LGBTQ+-identified individuals and those questioning their sexuality. Once familiar with the various LGBTQ+ resources available on campus, you will be given an Ally sticker to place in your office or dorm so that students, faculty, and staff know that you are part of a campus-wide network that supports LGBTQ+-identified individuals. You may register  HERE. 

You can later sign up for an additional training to become a facilitator. We request that you conduct at least one per academic semester. Sponsored by the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD). 

Transgender 101 Ally Workshop

This 2-hour workshop, designed for all students, staff, and faculty, provides answer to some of the most common questions about transgender issues, offers ideas about how to be an effective ally to transgender people, and places the current rise in transgender visibility in historical context. Register online HERE. Sponsored by the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD).

LGBTQ+ Pride/History Month

Each October, the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity hosts an annual celebration that focuses on LGBTQ+ communities, history, and cultures. Past Pride Months have included films, workshops, BBQs, performances, keynote lectures, music, exhibits, Queeraoke, and drag competitions. Sponsored by the Gender & Sexuality Advisory Council (GSAC) and Office for Gender & Sexual Diversity (OGSD).

Transgender Week of Remembrance, Resistance, & Resilience

This week honors the lives, cultures, and history of trans identified people. During this week we hold a vigil to bring attention to the violence endured by trans people, and trans women of color in particular. We also celebrate the lives and cultures of trans-identified people by hosting speakers, performers, and screenings of trans made or trans focused films. Sponsored by the Office for Gender & Sexual Diversity (OGSD).

Audre Lorde Days

Tulane University's Audre Lorde Days are opportunities in the spring for students, faculty, staff, and community members to come together to "develop tools for using human difference as a springboard for creative change." Like the work of Lorde herself, the experiences planned for the week combine critical analysis and love, lyricism and research, as well as struggle and collaboration (1) to address the ways in which inequity, bias, discrimination, alienation, and violence undermine our individual, collective, and planetary health and (2) to develop holistic analyses and strategies for fueling well-being, justice, and positive social change. Central to the week's events will be a consideration fo hwo students, researchers, faculty, staff, and communities can create meaningful, reciprocal, accountable, and thriving relationships within the context of racism, sexism, heteronormativity, economic disparity, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and town/gown divides. Admission to all events is free and open to the public! Sponsored by the Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Anna Julia Cooper Project, and the Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

Pride Prom

Pride Prom, which takes place every November, is a spin on the traditional prom, welcoming everyone -- LGBTQ+, questioning, and allies! The event benefits BreakOUT!, a local not-for-profit organization in New Orleans that advocates for and mentors LGBTQ+ youth. Hosted by Gamma Rho Lambda, with support from the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD).

Lavender Graduation & Pinning Ceremony

During this end-of-the-year ceremony, the O recognizes LGBTQ+-identified students, students of color, and their allies for their achievements and contributions to Tulane University. Student organizations also present awards to members of their clubs who have significantly contributed to the success of the organization. Hosted by the O (Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Religious Life). 

Wednesdays with the O

This weekly social, with free food, happens every Wednesday from noon-1pm in the O (Offie for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Religious Life, LBC G04). Come take a mid-week break, relax, and enjoy good company and free food. The first Wednesday of the month features a guest speaker and is held in Stibbs (203) in the LBC. Hosted by the O (Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Religious Life). 

Glam Jam Variety Show ft. Ms. Paul Tulane and Mr. Sophie Newcomb

Get your routine ready for Tulane's annual variety showcase! From dancing to drag, vocalists to ventriloquists, anything can happen! This event is not to be missed. Hosted by theWELL.

Take Back the Night

Each fall semester, Tulane University joins with universities and colleges throughout New Orleans to organize Take Back the Night, a march and speak-out that has taken place since 1976. The first international Take Back the Night event occurred at The International Tribunal on Crimes against Women in Brussels, Belgium, where over 2000 women, representing 40 countries, rallied against sexual- and gender-based violence, marchers will gather in the horseshoe outside of Marquette Hall on Loyola's main campus to hear powerful stories from survivors of sexual violence and abuse and then proceed by a candlelit march to the Qatar Ballroom on Tulane's campus for closing ceremonies and an open microphone. The event is designed to raise awareness about sexual- and gender-based violence and to empower survivors. It is also a powerful healing ritual for survivors and their supporters. Co-sponsors at Tulane include the Newcomb College Institute (NCI), the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD), and the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program (GeSS).

Fridays at Newcomb

This free lunchtime lecture series, sponsored by the Newcomb College Institute, features faculty members community members, alumnae, students, and visiting professors, across disciplines and professions, who share their research, internship experiences, and career tips. Students, staff, and faculty can engage with speakers in question-and-answer sessions following the talks. Fridays at Newcomb is held at noon most Fridays throughout the academic year in the Anna Many Lounge in the Caroline Richardson Building. For more information, email Sponsored by the Newcomb College Institute (NCI).

Newcomb Film Series

The Newcomb Film Series is a collaborative project that is intended to provide students, faculty, staff, and community members the opportunity to see feminist films that are not traditionally screened in theaters. Each film screening features presentations by outside experts, filmmakers, directors, or faculty with discussions related to the theme of the movie to add to the viewing experience. Sponsored by the Newcomb College Institute (NCI).

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Each year during the fall semester, Tulane University students put on a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Still showing four decades after its original release, the musical comedy horror show has the longest-running theatrical release in film history. Part film, part performance, the show is a humorous tribute to b-movies and science fiction from the late 1940s-1970s. The organizers write, "This live show is a long-standing Tulane tradition, so be sure to show up early to get a good seat! As usual, it's gonna be epic!"

Hers, Theirs, Ours (FKA The Vagina Monologues)

Each year during the spring semester, Tulane University students put on a production of Hers, Theirs, Ours, with a cast of over 145. Hers, Theirs, Ours is Tulane University's fully original production that replaced The Vagina Monologues in 2016! We hope to create conversation about what it means to experience gender-based violence as women and non-binary & gender non-conforming folks, to open up this conversation to those who have been denied access to the Vagina Monologues community on basis of gender, and to acknowledge that all experiences of gendered expression cannot and should not be homogenized across class, race, ability, and various other identities.

The Vagina Monologues community was a vital part of Tulane's community for many years and the space created a safety for many women to come together and share their experiences. However, we feel that this space was exclusive to cis women only and as a community decided that it was time for a change. We do not wish to discount the validity of the original Vagina Monologues, which was empowering and revolutionary for thousands of women. Tulane is ready for a new production that speaks our truths. HTO is still a V-Day production under the name One Billion Rising, which is a campaign started by Eve Ensler in 2012 and has become the largest global movement to end gender-based violence. The name roots from the statistic that one in three women are raped or face gender-based violence. That is one billion women on this planet. The goal is to eradicate these acts and say fuck you to this injustice! To clarify, this space is NOT restricted to cisgendered women, but we hope to open it up to anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary and gender non-conforming.